We have outlined the Task – what is the immediate action required ?

We are currently exploring the following.

Spiritual Awareness

How do we achieve a greater understanding of the ‘spiritual’ ? - what we might call ‘higher consciousness’. In particular an understanding of how the wisdom available from this source is applicable, and positively helpful, when working with every day life situations. This could be done through web sites, books, booklets, events, and other activities.  We will talk to organisations already firmly established in this field to see how we might usefully work together.

Holistically inspired scientists, academics and professionals

We will talk to these people and explore whether there is value for them in membership of an organisation able to provide active support in the way of finance and resources for promoting the inspired ideas in which they are particularly interested.

Business people, politicians and financiers

We will talk to people in this capacity that are interested in supporting holistic projects of perceived real value. We will explore how their skills and experience might best be made available to projects with which the people defined above are working


We will explore the needs of ndividuals and organisations able to work with the two subjects above in order to provide a coordinated and coherent service in the way of advice and support to politicians, decision-makers and emerging new have found a way of becoming. We will look at how to make such organisations, efficient and acceptable to the conventional world and to the less conventional people with whom it will be working. This may be one organisation or a number around the world.

Services to be delivered by Enablers

  • Seek clients with problems to be solved
  • Define the nature of the problem
  • Contact `Inspired Scientists' or others as appropriate
  • Help to produce and define a possible solution to the problem
  • Find and raise the necessary material resources
  • Work with the `Inspired Ones' to produce a suitable solution
  • Continue to support the 'Inspirers' as required