Our Objects are to:

Work with others to:

  • Expand awareness and understanding of the 'Wisdom'.
  • Explore the contribution the ‘Wisdom’ is able to make to the solution of  practical problems, both individual and corporate.
  • Provide the services of ‘Enabling’ to individuals and projects
  • Expand awareness of the town of Glastonbury, UK, as a centre of Pilgrimage and Spiritual Transformation
  • Share with individuals and projects interested in these concepts

Web Sites - as a step towards achieving our objects, we are using our web sites to give ideas on:

  • Understanding the Wisdom 
  • Accessing the Wisdom 
  • Developing a personal life of the spirit
  • Using the Wisdom to help build inspired projects 
  • Glastonbury as an inspired town


We are actively addressing these objects

We are building the basic structure of our websites

Ideas on constructive use of the websites to be added as we go along

If you are interested in any of these concepts - 

and would like to share your ideas with us 

please contact us at       savaric.w@gmail.com