Included in our Objects, is the aim to use our web sites to expand awareness of:

How to create community projects inspired by the ‘Ageless Wisdom’

In order to understand the specialised projects with which we are concerned, we need to first understand how a conventional creative project works, and then look at how a Wisdom inspired projects may differ when we are using the inspiration of the Wisdom

In this site, we look at the conventional creative process in order to give us a clear understanding of just how this works.

Then in our site – '’- we will look specifically at the Wisdom inspired process.

The pages on this site are as follows. 

We suggest that you go through these pages, in the order below, to enable you to clearly understand the concepts underlying our web sites. 

Creating – the drawdown page in the section, we outline the conventional creative process

Other Page

Inspire - where the originating idea comes from

Initiatenecessary action needed to materialise objective

Sustain – keeping going until objective achieved


Creating - the process