Our Project starts with the Vision -The creator formalises the idea as something which is to be achieved. The finished project is visualised in every detail, with absolute clarity.

The start is to visualise the project delivering the services to satisfied customers. The creation of an inspiring vision of the completed project helps to keep positive energy flowing throughout the organisation. For instance, the vision might be to see the project:

 In beautiful, light and airy buildings – with enthusiastic paid staff, abundance of volunteers, all necessary equipment and eager clients buying our services.

As progress is made, conflicting ideas will flow from staff, customers, banks, professional friends and the community at large. Interpreting this information, and acting upon it, requires discernment and the ability to make firm decisions.

Action -

The first steps of physical action have to be taken.  

Decision - The decision is made to commit to bringing the clearly defined vision into being.Then it will be necessary to look at various aspects of the envisioned project so that there is reasonable clarity on how define various aspects of the project including:

Funding - The funding required needs to be clearly defined.  It may not be possible to obtain third-party support from the earliest days and the project may have to be started with personal funds from the initiators and their colleagues.  Once the project has started and can be seen to be viable – then third-party funding can be sought.

Legal Structure - Sooner or later it will be wise to set up some form of legal entity body –

Aee the page on Constitutions

The Service – there needs to be a clear definition of the service being delivered, the charges that will be made and the clients being addressed

The Market – there needs to be an analysis of the market and potential competition.

Administration - How the organization to be run and managed – staff, premises, equipment, and professional advisers.

Accounts - from the earliest days, there needs to be a simple management accounting system including cash forecasts/

Business plan - When the above is clear, a business plan can be drawn defining the services, market, staff, resources and funding required.

See Outline Plan and Business Plan - a spacific plan. 

Start the project ! – as we say in Creating –.

There may be hesitation and dithering, because all is not absolutely clear, but it is vital that the very first steps are taken to start the process moving. There is a temptation at this stage to endlessly mull over the possible detailed requirements – what is needed is to take the first practical step. The very process of taking this first step seems to enable ideas to flow so that the needed people and resources can be found.

There is an excellent saying –  

'Do not let the perfect inhibit the good'

This means - start things as soon as the first steps can be taken - don't wait for it to be perfect in every detail.