We believe that we are at present in a unique time when many long-standing established organisations are no longer working in a satisfactory manner - to solve the problems being experienced, a new approach is needed.

Our contention is that access to ‘Divine Wisdom’, by means of mystical practices, enables solutions to be found to practical material problems - problems not readily solvable by conventional, intellectual, objective, academic and scientific means.

Effectively using this Intuitive wisdom, needs the balance of two conflicting groups:

The 'Inspired' - Accepting the reality of ‘Wisdom Inspired’ information and understanding that sensitivity is needed to the incoming advice and guidance - this leads to the awareness of a need to ‘go with the flow’, wherever it may ask,  rather than defining solid concrete plans for time and outcome.

The Resources - The ability to undestand the needs of, and relate fluently and professionally, with providers of the needed resources, who will require clear concrete plans of the stages of the process, the resources needed at each stage, the timing, and planned outcome to achieve sustainability.

The resolution of these two conflicting requirements needs an individual, individuals or an organisation able to be completely in tune with both the poles of this dichotomy.

We are calling these people Enablers and the function they carry out as Enabling.

These functions are, today, being carried out by many individuals and organisations - but mainly in a concealed manner, as the concept is not readily acceptable to most contemporary academics and scientists.

To take our ideas forward, we are currently exploring ways is in which we can support our contentions by: 


The ‘Inspired’- Locating and contacting current and potentiaI inspired individuals and organisations  able to access a higher level of consciousness and come up with answers to apparently insoluble material problems. 

The ‘Material Resources’- Locating and contacting current and potentiaI sympathetic resource providers

‘Enablers’- Locating and contacting current and potentiaI individuals and organisations able to provide Enabling services

‘Operators' - Locating and contacting current and potentiaI individuals and organisations able to consulting services supported by Enablers. 

The contention that Divine Wisdom produces useful, practical ideas.

Useful services that could be delivered by Enabling Organisations

Including - Clean energy, Health, Education, Economics, Politics, Government and Social well-being.

Relevant web sites and books

People and organisations working with aspects of this concept

A possible worldwide organisation, able to support and develop these ides

If you are looking for help in establishing a Spiritually Inspired Project – or

 You are interested in working with us on the concept of establishing Enabling as a recognised  competent and useful professional skill.

Then please contact us at the email address below