The following are excerpts from our drawdown page on Spirituality under the heading Wisdom

Soul – has two aspects

Higher Mind – (Higher Consciousness) the part of the soul in touch with pure spirit. This Higher Mind can be contacted through meditation and intuition - but is not accessible through everyday intellectual thought

Lower Mind – (Lower Consciousness) the part of the soul in touch with the material world and involved with the day-to-day aspects of material living

Practice - A central belief of the Wisdom is that, in order to make progress in developing higher levels of consciousness, it is necessary to refine the ways in which we live our everyday lives and to develop a regular spiritual practice. This practice can take many forms, including yoga, martial arts, chanting, dancing and prayer. The most universally recommended is that of meditation.

Contact with the Wisdom - By developing certain practices, including meditation, it is possible to access beings at higher levels of consciousness – this in turn enables access to the sea of cosmic Wisdom.

Hierarchies of Beings- Everywhere there is consciousness and everywhere there is life, for there is no empty space or inanimate matter anywhere in the universe. A gulf exists between the consciousness of the Divine All and the awareness of a human being. By necessity, a gradation of consciousness is needed between the one indescribable Divine and the ordinary human. This infinite ladder of consciousness – of different awareness and complexity - is occupied by intelligent entities from the most mundane to the most supreme. Certain advanced souls have developed to the point where they are able to act as intermediaries between the Divine All and individual incarnate souls. These spirits are recognised in many forms including the initiators of religions such as Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed – and other avatars, saints, masters and guides. This range of beings at different stages of consciousness enables the incarnate human to find a guide at the level of awareness to which he can

We are looking out how to Access the useful Guidance that is to be found in the Wisdom.

As we see above, that is done in the following steps:

Accept - that a superior knowledge is potentially available – our section on Wisdom

Contact - this superior knowledge  – see our drawdown section below on Practices

Recognise - that potential guidance is available from the ‘Hierarchies of Beings’ – see our drawdown section on Guidance

Method -  develop a personal way of accessing the specific guidance relevant to the project in hand

Listen - to the ideas that come through from guidance - then crystallise these ideas in your mind and write down a clear concept of you are being asked to achieve–

see draw down section below on Process - on how this process works