In our Home page we describe the process of accessing the Wisdom as:

PROCESS - Understanding the Methods needed to access the Wisdom, whether this is by meditation or other contemplative methods – listening to the hints and advice given, visualizing vividly the objective and understanding the steps to be taken to materialize the vision

We are looking at a ‘Process’ by which the Wisdom of Intuition and Higher Consciousness can be accessed and made available to address a problem and work towards materialising a solution.

This process is applicable to any situation, whether it be an individual seeking to develop their own awareness and consciousness, or a practical question of setting up a particular community project.

Here we outline the process and give more detail in the various drawdown pages – shown in Capital letters

Start by understanding the Wisdom is and accepting that there is available here advice and help, not accessible by conventional intellectual means.

Understand the various Methods and Practices that are helpful in accessing access this Wisdom.,

Accept that there is available guidance and help to working on this Process – see Guidance and Enabling.

Use the chosen Method to access the Wisdom and listen to the hints and advice given in response to the initial request.

Clearly define the ideas coming through from the Method and visualize them vividly

Give thought to fully understanding what is being conveyed and understanding the steps to be taken to materialize the vision.

These steps will include whatever is appropriate for the particular project, including setting up an organisation, arranging staff, premises and facilities - and organising the funding necessary

Then take positive action in order to bring the vision into being.

If the Wisdom has been Correctly Accessed, and there is absolute Clarity of Purpose, a message will be sent to those inspiring the project, that their thought has been properly received and acted upon.

 The ‘Inspiring Ones’ will then start to inspire the necessary people and resources to come forward to support the project.

Continue to hold the vision, and regularly access the Wisdom, to ensure that the steps being taken are following the right course.

There needs to be sensitivity to the ideas, people and resources that will float up as a result of the process and careful thought given as to how these resources can usefully be applied to the project.

Keep going, despite apparent obstructions, obstacles and vicissitudes. if constant contact is held with the original vision, and this is allowed to adapt and flow, then eventually a result will be achieved.

it is necessary to understand that the result may be different to the original objective - but if one has kept in harmony with the inspiration, the result will be the correct one. it may be that it took a slightly different path to get the project started, and only once it was beginning to mature could the steps be defined that were needed to achieve the real objective.