We are using this page to explore possible areas of activity using our Enabling Creative Process.

We are looking at the concept of Inspiration, derived directly from the Wisdom, being adapted as necessary to enable practical material resources to be obtained so that the project can be brought into reality.

At present, we see this as a consulting service,  where clients present us with a problem and we obtain answers to this problem and,  where necessary,  supply ongoing support to achieving the necessary results.

In due course, we may involve ourselves in an organisation actively addressing these problems directly.

the content of this page are being expanded - but the summary of the contents are as follows

Global Warming - seeking to find a practical solution to the dilemma of implementing the necessary changes required ecologically,  whilst looking at the transitional action needed economically.

Essentially this is finding ways of addressing the politically difficult problem of taking the economic action  necessary to address the ecological problem.

Health - greater awareness of how the individual may maintain their own health.  How meditation and other practices may be used to overcome minor physical ailments and to ensure the positive enjoyment of life,  despite physical frailty.

Economy - what are the new jobs that will be needed  ? - and what are the skills required to fulfil these jobs ?

Education - teaching individual self-sufficiency -  and how young people can take control of their own lives

Creativity - understanding and using the Enabling Creative Process

Research - into all aspects of the positive and conscious use of the Wisdom