Our site is devoted to exploring what we claim is a unique ability to solve material problems by individuals inspired through their ability to access a ‘higher wisdom’.

Let us look at a few examples of situations to be usefully addressed – there will be many more.

Global Warming - What are the practical steps that need to be taken by individuals and governments to achieve the already established objects to be achieved within twelve years ?  This means spelling out the reality that no politician dare voice.  This is going to need major changes to the present material way of life.  There needs to be a  shared and accepted plan for the action needed, and the political will to be open about what is needed and to take the necessary action required. This is going to involve difficult decisions – such as restraining the use of oil and plastics – all which will be unpopular unless carried out in a sympathetic manner.

Health - How do we finance a universal health care system that will include the needs of care of the fragile and old. The answer to this may well include education and training in how individuals may care for their own personal health – much of this does not need external third party treatment

Education We need to ensure that our education system equips our young to be thoughtful, intuitive, helpful individuals, able to manage their own lives and be an active support in the community. 

Sustainable Economics - We need to think through just what a sustainable economic future entails. This may mean researching the wider use of clean fuels, less use of disposable articles, and the level of a reasonable economic safety net for those not able to thrive in whatever the new paradigm involves.

Clean Energy - We need research on new sourves of clean energy. 

5g Wi Fi - Do we need ever more powerful and universal Wi Fi ?   If not, how do we manage our ever more complex communication system ?

Enjoyment of Life - the active promotion of positive steps that enable individuals to live peaceful, calm and fulfilled lives in the face of the inevitable adversity faced by all.

Politics ! - It might even be helpful to apply a little balanced wisdom to this thorny problem !