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 We are working with an apparent Paradox

 We believe that the fundamental difficulty involved in solving any of humanity's current multiple problems is that few people are able to work comfortably in the

‘Gap between Materiality and Consciousness’.

 This has led to a materialistic paradigm, where consciousness is not taken into account. The whole vast resource of intuition, creativity, wisdom, balance intelligence and clarity of purpose, that is to be found in the universal consciousness, is not being brought to bear upon today's problems. Despite this, throughout the world there are professional individuals and groups who are working fluently in this ‘Gap’ but who, almost universally, find their work obstructed by the materialistic paradigm held by the majority of those around them.

We seek to help release the full potential creative energy of these individuals, and in doing so we are using the analogy of an organ of the human body, composed of individual cells and what might be called a ‘group consciousness’.

Following this analogy, we will seek out individuals and projects working in the Gap. We will then work with them to see the best way of establishing reliable communication, both with individual cells and with a centre. We will work with them to define just what such a centre might be – the nucleus of the complete organ. This nucleus will need a practical organization able to coordinate activities, help and support new initiatives and research projects, and to coordinate a range of consulting services offered to the world at large.

 There is considerable potential support for what we are seeking to achieve. We plan to help to emerge an organ of constructive thought and action which is a positive help in solving the present critical problems of the world. To do this, we will enlist the help of many brilliant minds already working in these fields

Our Objectives are: 

  • To set up a worldwide support group with members who are scientists, academics, entrepreneurs, individuals and projects, working with a combination of measurable and immeasurable energies

  • To actively support individual members of the group in their work

  • To work with experienced businessmen and financiers to provide support for the work

  • To produce articles, papers, newsletters, books, websites and other information on the research and activities which are being supported

  • To provide a range of consulting and support services to governments, politicians, businesses communities and other decision-makers in helping address current global and local challenges

  • To act as intermediaries and arbitrators, where difficult decisions are to be made.