(Ex Annie Besant - written 2007) 

  • Reincarnation
  • Karma
  • The Path
  • The Teachers
  • Know that there is a Divine Will in evolution
  • They attempt to co-operate with the Will so as to help effectively forward the day whey the Will shall be done on earth
  • Know hat the world is being guided towards a higher and nobler evolution.
  • Know that every child of man is walking by this plan and may be helped or hindered in the walking.
  • Recognise the Plan and try to live within it.
  • Try to make their own will part of the Will Divine.

 The First and most vital step - The Service of man  

 Give our self wholly to Service, keep nothing back; help, wherever help is possible; work, wherever opportunity of work is seen; give yourself to some great ideal; follow it through cloud and sunshine; walk  by it in storm and in peace.

  • The entire putting aside of every spirituous liquor
  • The dropping of all forms of flesh food
  • Understand that your body, mind and emotions are all ever changing and unreal
  • The only reality is the changeless void
  • The deathless, the unchanging, the eternal
  • All you are left with that the end is:
  • The Will
  • The Wisdom
  • The Activity
  • You are only Will, Wisdom and Activity – these are the only real parts of yourself.
  • Discrimination is the power to know this unchanging part of yourself.
  • Your aim is to live in the Eternal while you are busy in the outer world.

 Balance and Equilibrium – The absence of excitement the absence of passion. The transmutation of excitement and passion into the will that points unswervingly at its goal; the power of standing serene while all around are troubled; the power of standing alone where all others have left and have deserted.

             Gossip -In thinking evil of another you are committing a threefold injury on man

  •                         You do damage to the neighbourhood in which I live
  •                         You increase the sorrow of the world
  •                         You reinforce the problems of the man concerned.

There are five great Initiations -

 the first four are Portals on the Path leading to the final divine Perfection of Manhood - the place of the Masters

Poverty - Not by spoken words, but by inner renunciation, he gives up all sense of property, all sense of ownership in anything which he is supposed to possess – everything he is and owns now belongs to the Great Lodge into which he is entering He renounces all possessions and becomes a steward able to administer in the work that lies before him.

 ChastityHe also renounces all pleasures of sense.

 Obedience – he surrenders his own will giving himself wholly to the one Will that is Divine

During the time in this stage he is perfecting all his bodies, building them for the great work in front. The time spent at this stage is usually short and then e approaches the third great Portal

 Then are heard the words ‘It is finished’.  These are the words that ring out from the assembled host of Men made Perfect and of Angels when the great trial is over and the agony of the cross is past