A Dichotomy

 There is an age-old spectrum that might be said to have two poles:

 ‘Wholistic Scientists’ 

Many of these would say that they are inspired intuitively and want to work organically with whatever flows from their intuitive inspiration - but have strong feelings that any concrete planning will not help but simply inhibit the natural flow.  At the most extreme, these people have a strong antipathy to money and business people. They are reluctant to get involved with the ‘messy material world’ - and resistant to planning.

They have inspired ideas but tend to lack material influence and power.


people who believe in nothing that cannot be weighed or counted and who despise what they think of as ‘woolly holistic scientists’. They are often seen as ‘ruthless financiers. They may be fully in tune with the ideals and objects of our wholistic scientists, but in order to offer their support, they want to see concrete objectives and plans for how to achieve these objectives.

 They have the needed influence and funds.

This polarity, in various forms, has existed for years – first clearly defined with the divergence in approach between Newton and Leibniz.  The split still continues. The task we are looking at is to find a way of working with these two poles of the spectrum. Both are needed to achieve worthwhile objectives, but there is a strong antipathy between them.

 The first thing to recognise is that we are currently living in a solidly materialistic paradigm, where only a minority of the Western World has an understanding of the spiritual, and where most of the rest have come to accept a rigidly materialistic view.  We believe that to move forward we need to embrace both poles of our spectrum.

We need both Spiritual Inspiration and Practical Material Skills

 We need to find a way in which these two poles of our dichotomy can cooperate and work together. This will only be achieved by:

A real understanding of the two poles

Seeing them both as being essential, at least in the present situation

Seeing how divine inspiration, organic flow and material practical experience can work together

We have here a universal problem. It is solvable, but only with understanding and a willingness to compromise.

We should not be surprised if there are difficulties – no one has been able to solve this yet, so it is not easy !