Below is a draft Business Plan for the Glastopedia Web Site 



  • To promote awareness of Glastonbury as a Centre of Pilgrimage and Transformation - and the role that it plays in the world at large.
  • To promote awareness of the ‘Ageless Wisdom’ – the ‘Perennial Philosophy’ – that underlie all faiths and paths.
  • To support local individuals and projects offering services related to the work of Glastopedia.
  • To do this by providing a web site - - giving information on the past, present and future of Glastonbury as a place of transformation and spiritual energy.
  • This to be an active, living, website with regular new contributions giving a clear picture of the people and projects that have helped the place to thrive over the ages. A site that is effective, informative and enjoyable to use - and is recognized as a valuable service by the community.
  • To provide the service with volunteer help, as far as possible, but to pay for the necessary professional skills that will be required. 

TIMING - The site is currently being built and content added. We anticipate that it will be sufficiently established to warrant going public by Easter 2017. This Business Plan outlines the currently envisaged program until the end of 2017.

SITE FORMAT - The site is based on software provided by SiteGround. It is based on the format of the web site offered by Wikipedia and the aim is to keep the site in alignment with the enhancement and development of the Wikipedia site.

 The format and design will be kept under regular review to maximise its effectiveness, attractiveness and usefulness to the local community and those interested in Glastonbury throughout the world.

 ON LINE SEO - The site will be regularly up dated and improved to maximise its access and availability to search engines.

CONTENT - The content will consist of biographies and articles covering all aspects of the project

STAFF - A small small group of volunteers and part-time stuff are setting up the website, defining how best it should work, and adding sufficient content to make the site interesting and worth exploring.

 The plan is for site to be sufficiently established to enable it to go public around Easter 2017 and by time this the necessary additional staff and volunteers will be in place.

 As the site develops, the following posts will need to be filled. As far as possible these posts will be filled by volunteers - but a number of professional skills will be required, such as maintaining the technical side of the site, and these will need to be paid.

Director - Looking after overall management, promotion and development of the site

Administration - Help with running the site, bookkeeping, responding to enquiries, talking to visitors etc.

Treasurer – Looking after financial and legal matters

Web Master – Looking after all technical aspects of the site

Design – Keeping appearance of the site attractive and up to date.

Content – Actively seeking and obtaining new content

Editing - Editing all articles before publishing

Marketing  - promoting the site

FACILITIES - We have the use of an office at X in Glastonbury. Most of the work of the site is done in the staff’s own individual offices but this office in central Glastonbury is useful when meeting people.

We have our own computer and web access in the Glastonbury office and the individual members of the present staff have their own computers and web access.

At present we have all the facilities that we need to carry out the work for the next few months 

THE MARKET - The market consists of people interested in the spiritual aspects of Glastonbury, how it has developed and grown over the centuries and in particular the attractions and services offered in the town today.

 These people are in Glastonbury itself, but also all countries of the world. There is worldwide interest in Glastonbury as a spiritual centre and we believe that this is potentially an important source of support and funding for the project.

MARKETING = The site is at present under construction although the website itself – - is online.

 When it is deemed to be sufficiently developed, the site will be publicly launched, initially in Glastonbury. This will be via the local ‘What’s On’ paper and the widely used local information websites.

Thought will have to be given on how best to promote the site worldwide – this may be through Google marketing and other tools,


Short Term  - We have the funding in place to do the basic work required up until the public launch and for some six months after this.  Whilst we have the funds in place to cover our minimum costs, additional donations will be gratefully received, as they will enable us to speed up the work by employing employ additional help where necessary

 Longer Term - By the end of 2017, it will be necessary for the site to be properly supported by funding from its own activities.

 We are modelling the site on Wikipedia and the Wikipedia site is supported entirely by voluntary contributions – because the site is so firmly established many thousands of people contribute and so the site has a useful and substantial income.

 We anticipate that the funding for Glastopedia will come from a combination of voluntary donations, made by people who find the site useful and wish to support it, and for payment for services delivered by the site.

 The present indications are that the site will need an income of some £2,000 per month from the middle of 2017. This sum may well have to increase as activities increase.

During the next few months we will be defining more precisely just how these funds are to be obtained – the following are possibilities that we are currently working upon. These are essentially spin-offs from the work that we will be doing in looking after our site.

  • Web Marketing - Web marketing and promotion.
  • Web Design – designing ‘owner- friendly’ web sites.
  • Promoting Services - Selling and promoting services offered by people, shops and projects listed on the site.
  • Promoting Glastonbury – working with others to promote all aspects of the town.
  • Data Base Service – setting up and running specialised data bases.
  • Editing- editing articles and documents. 
  • Writing - writing commissioned biographies, articles etc.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization – setting up analytics – analysing source of visits – enhancing use of web sites.
  • Promoting Spiritual Awareness – work with others to promote him this particular aspect of Glastonbury.

OWNERSHIP - At present the site is owned by Savaric Whiting Limited – a private limited company. This company is providing the funds for the early stages of developing the site.  Any income or profits made in running the site will be used entirely to support the Glastopedia web site and activities linked to the site.

Long term it is hoped that this will become a sustainable community project, generating sufficient income to support its own staff and expenses, providing useful services to the community, and possibly providing funds to support other ancillary activities.