In our Home page we say:

ACTION – Drawing up a creative Action Plan based upon the ideas obtained from the Wisdom.

In working our way through the creative process,

  • we have understood the Wisdom
  • been inspired
  • found the necessary support and guidance
  • and outlined own vision.

 Now we need to look at the practical steps that to be taken to put materialise the vision. These needs will be similar to those of a conventional business but with subtle differences. Here we briefly outline what we have to look at.

Action Plan

IAn outline plan needs to be completed as follows:

  • What sort of legal set up is needed to carry out the plan - this may be working as an individual, working with a small group of colleagues, or some sort of formal structure.
  • What resources that will be needed in the way of volunteers, staff, premises, equipment, publicity, et cetera
  • Under what name will the new project be handled ? – an individual’s name – a trading name – a registered company ?

Once the needed structure and resources are clear, it will be possible to define what is needed in the way of funding.  The key here is to see what is needed to start the project - this can be in the simplest form, but as it progresses, further funding may be needed.

Then there needs to be a clear definition of the clients that the new activity will be serving

  • what are their needs ? –
  • how will these needs be met ?
  • who are they ?
  •  where are they to be found ?
  •  How will they be found ? - publicity ? word-of mouth ?

 Once the above is clear, then an initial simple plan can be created – this will be the document that will be shared with initial colleagues

 Once an initial core group has been formed, then the work and start I’m beginning to put the plan into action

It is at this stage that one of the core problems found in starting a ‘Wisdom Inspired Project’ will be met.

The inspiration may be coming from the Wisdom, and the initiators may be happy to work with the guidance – and to flow effortlessly with the advice as it comes through.

But a completely different approach will be needed when talking to the providers of the necessary resources - they will want to see concrete plans for timing, final outcomes and sustainability.

There is a fundamental conflict here between wanting to go effortlessly with the flow and drawing up concrete solid plans.

Working with this conflict is what we will look at in our section on Resources.