This is the website of Savaric Whiting Ltd – a company owned and managed by Barry Taylor. The purpose of the site is to share with others, experiences gained in working in the specialised field of spiritually inspired sustainable community projects.

The information in this site is based upon experience gained in Glastonbury Uk, but we believe this has a universal application

Such projects are unconventional in the way they are inspired, but conventional in the need for a formal organisation structure.

The CV of Barry Taylor as follows

Qualifications - MA (Engineering) Oxford University. - Relate Counsellor,


Navy - 4 years 

City of London - 17 years in the City of London as Director and Managing Director of an Export Finance House. Experience included setting up overseas companies in Europe and Japan.

Own Company - 40 years as owner and director of a Management Consulting Company -involved in all aspects of starting and running small and medium sized companies.

Community work: Trustee, Treasurer or Chair of a number of charities and not-for-profit organizations including:

UK - London Marriage Guidance Council and Wessex Counseling Services.  

Glastonbury - Glastonbury Trust, Isle of Avalon Foundation, Library of Avalon, Chalice Well Trust. Glastonbury Reception Centre and Glaston Centre Ltd.


early years were spent in the business world, gaining experience in finance, management and administration of businesses and charities. The last 30 years have been spent in Glastonbury working on many different community projects.

This has involved working with academics at various universities and has enabled me to gain considerable experience in what might be thought of as the three conflicting aspects of these projects - namely

  • Spiritual inspiration leading to a desire for organic natural growth and a distrust of concrete material planning.
  • The academic desire to learn about spirituality in an objective, detached fashion, whereas spirituality can only be understood as a subjective experience gained through some form of spiritual practice.
  • The practical material world wanting to see concrete plans and clearly defined objectives before making resources and finance available

I am currently using this experience to work with others to explore ways in which we might up up up promote greater awareness of contemporary spirituality and its application to material projects.


Enjoying family, friends, writing and sailing.


 A Pilgrim in Glastonbury – 2010  Abbey Press – ISBN 0-9533203-6-7

Available on Amazon. 

One person's experience of being 'Called to Glastonbury' and working with projects in this town.

 Creating Spiritually Inspired Projects – 2015 - New Generation Publishing ISBN 978-1-78507-208-6

A concise summary of what is involved in being inspired, setting up and establishing a project in this specialized category of spiritual inspiration. 

for more information - contact

Barry Taylor - savaric.w@gmail.com