This is the web site of Barry Taylor

Over the years I have worked with many extraordinary and talented people,  and through them have gained some useful experience.  Everything in this web site has come from this experience - but the views expressed are personal and I am wholly reponsible for them.

A brief CV is as follows:


Kings College, Taunton

Exeter College, Oxford - MA (Engineering)

Navy - 4 years

City of London – 17years - Managing Director of a City Export Finance House.

 Experience included setting up overseas companies in Europe and Japan.

Own Company - 40 years - owner and director of Management Consulting Company - involved in all aspects of starting and running small and medium sized companies.


London Marriage Guidance Council– Counsellor and Treasurer

Wessex Counselling Services – Treasurer and Chair.


Co-founder, chair, treasurer or trustee of various projects including:

  • Glastonbury Trust,
  • Isle of Avalon Foundation,
  • Library of Avalon,
  • Chalice Well Trust.
  • Pilgrim Reception Centre
  • Glaston Centre Ltd.


Mentoring – working with individuals in helping them to flourish.


Spiritual Life

Christian education at school – instructed by a charismatic priest and confirmed into the Anglican Church - no religious activity immediately after leaving school.

 In my late 30s there came a new stirring of interest in spiritual matters – re-explored the church but found something missing - later discovered the Perennial Philosophy, the Ageless Wisdom -  attended various courses and read widely on all aspects of Eastern and Western mysticism.

In my early 40s I had a ‘call’ to serve and this, in due course, led me to Glastonbury where I have lived ever since.

Throughout this time I have followed my own active practice and been a member of various groups and mystery schools.  My underlying interests remain with the perennial philosophy.


My early years gave me experience in working in the practical material world of finance.  My time in Glastonbury has involved working with academics at various universities and has enabled me to gain experience in the conflicting aspects of these projects – namely:

  • Spiritual inspiration - needs an experiential, sibjective, inner approach that leads to clarity of vision but also a desire for inspired, organic, natural growth and a distrust of overly rigid plans for the realisation of the project.
  • The Scientific and Academic approach – is to explore spirituality in an objective, detached fashion - as an observer,  not a participant. 
  • The Practical material world - needs concrete plans and clearly defined objectives before making resources and finance available. The idea of 'letting things flow' as the inspiraton 'calls', is not readilly understood. 

It is posssible to work constructively with the conflicting views of the vital ingrediens needed for these project to flourish. I am currently using the experience gained in these specialised projects, to work with others in exploring ways in which we might promote greater awareness of contemporary spirituality and its value when applied to material projects.

Personal Life

Married with three sons.

Enjoy being with my family and friends, writing, research, walking and sailing.


A Pilgrim in Glastonbury – Book - 2010  Abbey Press – ISBN 0-9533203-6-7

One person's experience of being 'Called to Glastonbury' and working with projects in this town.

Creating Spiritually Inspired Projects – Book - 2015 - New Generation Publishing ISBN 978-1-78507-208-6

A summary of what is involved in being inspired, setting up and establishing a project in this specialized category of spiritual inspiration.He

Web Sites

savaric.com – this site

wisecompetence.com - site used for introduction to the ideas of working with spiritual inspiration and material practicality

Glastopedia.org – information on people and projects in Glastonbury, past and present.


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