29th March 2020


We have set up this section ib order to explore ideas arising from the situation that dominates our news (and our lives ! )  at the moment. Here we look at how the policy appears today. It will be interesting to see how the policy changes and develops as we move through this crisis.

We are hoping that this crisis might give us an opportunityto prove the validity of our concept of -

the availability of the Wisdom 

by developing some useful ideas that may help in the task of tackling this virus

As at today’s date, the UK is in lockdown and has essentially been divided into two groups of people.

Fragile – those over age 70 and those with an established medical condition – held to be particularly susceptible to infection and death.  These people to be completely isolated and protected, as far as possible, from being infected.  They will still be susceptible to infection when the main body of the community, let us call them the Strong, has achieved a modicum of protection.  It looks as if the Fragile will need to remain in isolation until a suitable vaccine has been developed - probably 12 to 18 months.

Strong - the virus is relatively mild for people who are young and fit. It is in everyone’s interest for as many as possible to be infected, to recover, and to develop immunity so that a herd immunity can be developed.

There is however a problem in that if you leave the virus unchecked, it will grow at a rate that will overwhelm the health service - so there is a need to infect the Strong in a controlled manner.  It is also necessary to keep the economy running.

So, the process is likely to be a period of a few weeks’ tight shutdown, to slow the growth of the virus – then an easing of restrictions to let people to go back to work and allow the virus to grow – then further restrictions to slow the growth of the virus.

This pattern is likely to go on a number of times until either herd immunity or a suitable vaccine has been developed.