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This is the site of Savaric Whiting Ltd - an organisation that has been working as a consultant for many years.  in the last 30 years, this work has been concentrated upon community projects that are ‘Intuitively Inspired.’   In this website we explore the process involved in helping such projects to flourish.

We believe that this process is potentionally applicable to a wide range of practical problems. Here we define this process and look at how it might be applied to solving some of the current practical problems being experienced throughout the world.

Our recent experience of this process has been in working with community projects - this has mainly been in the town of Glastonbury, UK. In this site we give some details of this town. It is an unusual place in that it is both a conventional small market town and a place with a long history of attraction for spiritual pilgrims.

A key feature of this process, is the ability of those initiating a project to access what might be called higher wisdom -  that is a ‘wisdom’ only accessible through a ‘higher level of consciousness’  -  this level is only reached by using specific practises and is not accessible through conventional intellectual means.

The Objects of this site are to:

Explore the contribution the eternal ‘Wisdom’, located in a higher level of consciousness, is able to make to the solution of contemporary practical problems, both individual and corporate.

Explore the possibilities of setting up a network of individuals and projects interested in this concept,

This Wisdom - sometimes known as the Ageless Wisdom, the Perennial Philosophy, Mysticism and many other names – is held to be the basis of all religions and spiritual paths and has, for millennia been seen as a valuable source of information,

Many holds that this ancient concept is not compatible with modern scientific thinking.  But spontaneous, intuitive inspiration is mentioned by contemporary authors and poets as their ‘muse’, and by composers as their source of inspiration - this is usually seen as a personal, subjective experience and not as a practical, teachable skill.  

In this site we explore the idea that conscious, intuitive inspiration is potentially available to all - and can make a direct contribution to the fruitful fulfilment of the individual life and the establishing of worthwhile community projects – and that it is a teachable skill.

We contend that there is a universal ‘Process’ that can be used to access and use this ‘Wisdom’- and that this Process is helpful in finding a solution to any problem - whether individual and personal - or global and political.

In this site we explore the Process in more detail under the following headings:

HOME – this page, about us - our name - Information on useful books and web sites

SEARCH - Search facility - Site Map - a Glossary of spiritual terms

PROCESS - Understanding the Methods needed to access the Wisdom, whether this is by meditation or other contemplative methods – listening to the hints and advice given, visualizing vividly the objective and understanding the steps to be taken to materialize the vision – ‘Enabling’ help available =- plus.

Enabling – Creating – Magic – Wise Person – Inspirati0n -Methods - Practice – Guidance - Abundance – Entropy – Leadership – Balance - Problems

WISDOM – An understanding of just what the Wisdom is, and acceptance that there is available advice and help, not accessible by conventional intellectual means - plus

Truth  Spirituality – Mysticism – Perennial Philosophy – Teaching – Teachers – Living a Spiritual Life – Initiation – Journey – Transformation - Transmutation

PRACTICAL - resources needed to help to realise these Ideas. Sensitivity to the ideas, people and resources that float up as a result of the process - careful thought as to how these resources can usefully be applied to the project. Plus

Task – Dichotomy – Paradox - Harmony

PROJECTS – existing inspired ideas and future possible for individuals and projects = plus

Activities Objects - Possibles

GLASTONBURY – some details of this unique town in the UK. The experience behind the papers on this site has mainly been gained in this special and unusual town in the West Country of the United Kingdom.  It is an excellent example of what might be called a ‘transformational town’ that is growing and developing towards realising its full potential. -plus

Vision 2003 – Vision 2008 – Purpose – Overlighting energy – Company of Avalon – Pilgrimage – Demography – People – Monastery – Sanctuary – Glastonbury Experience – Healing – Academic – Fragmentation - Unity


We are looking at an enormous subject.   

We are actively building the site and are doing this by giving an outline of the concept on the first page of the subject, with a contemporary paper. Then expanding the subject with draw-down pages from existing articles and papers. Other than under the above headings, the listing of the draw-down articles is arbitrary - they are there to be read in whatever order suits the reader.

Most of these pages have been written by Barry Taylor, over the last 10 years or so. Where the article is date-sensitive, the date of origin is given - where someone else is the originator, an appropriate note is given. 

We believe that this site is of potential interest to those seeking to use the Wisdom in their everyday life and work - and could include:

  • individuals wanting to develop their own higher consciousness
  • Intuitively Inspired people who need practical help in realising their vision.
  • Practical people interested in supporting social projects
  • People interested in being 'Enablers' and helping the process to flow
  • Politicians and others with practical problems to be solved

If you are interested in helping us to explore and develop these ideas

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This site is being actively developed, rewritten and having new pages regularly added.

We hope you enjoy the site and become a regular visitor