Practical Spirituality

Creating successful spiritually inspired projects

The Objects of this site are:

To work with others in developing and promoting Spiritual Awareness and the ways in which it can be used, in conjunction with practical material skills, in developing sustainable and successful community projects

This is the personal site of Barry Taylor.  Throughout I use the expression ‘we’ as everything discussed requires the input of many people with a variety of skills and experience.

For many years, I have worked with community projects in the town of Glastonbury in the UK.  Many of these have been what might be called ‘Spiritually Inspired'. During this time I have learned something of how to work with these projects. In their specialised case, there appears to be a clearly defined process that needs to be followed to ensure sustainability and success for the project.

Whilst my experience has been mainly in Glastonbury, I have worked with a number of what might be called ‘Inspired Global Projects’.  I have seen that the actions needed to enable these projects to flourish, are similar whether the project be a small local community project involving a handful of people, or a worldwide activity involving hundreds.

There are many people involved with bringing inspired projects into being - I hope that sharing one person's experience may be of help to others similarly engaged. Possibly we might share our experience and build up a useful resource.

In this website I use Glastonbury UK as a specific example, being aware that what is being defined has a broad and universal application.

If we are going to understand ‘Spiritually inspired’ projects, we need firstly to understand what we mean by ‘Spirituality, then look at how this understanding can be used to provide information on how best to proceed, and once we have this information, then we need to understand the practical steps needed to complete the process. Below is a brief outline of how these steps are explained in this website


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 The contents under the various headings are as follows:

Search - search this site

About  - Who we are and the origin of our name.

Glastonbury – in looking at community projects in Glastonbury, we need to know something about the town ! - In this section we give information on the town, something about pilgrimage, the concept of Unity in Diversity and the relevance of a Monastery to today.

Spirituality – We give an outline of contemporary spirituality - its teaching, practices used, the transformative process, living thespiritual life, the flow of abundance that results and a glossary of frequently used terms,

Inspiration- the spiritual guidance that is potentially available, the over-lighting presence to be found in Glastonbury and how this may be accessed.

Creativity - the process itselfits similarity to magic, problems that may occur and how they may be used in a positive manner

Balance- a look at the need for balance in the apparent conflict between spirituality and materialism, including dichotomy, the eternal paradox and how to achieve harmony

Links - websites on Glastonbury and other matters compatible with our concepts

These articles are based upon our belief that a universal ‘Ageless Wisdom’ lies behind all established religions and most spiritual paths

This site was set up some years ago - much has happened since and the site is now being actively brought up to date.

If you would you like to contribute to developing the concepts and working with these ideas, then please make contact via email below.