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This is the home site of Savaric Whiting Ltd and the personal vehicle of Barry Taylor.  

For many years, I have worked with inspired community projects in the town of Glastonbury in the UK.  During this time I have learned something of how to hold the difficult balance between the intuitively inspired vision, and the practical material steps that have to be taken in order to bring the vision into reality’

Whilst my experience has been mainly in Glastonbury, I have worked with a number of what might be called ‘Global Projects’. From this experience I have seen that the actions needed to help inspire projects to flourish, are very similar whether the project be a small local community project involving a handful of people, or a worldwide activity involving hundreds. 

 There are many people involved with bringing into being inspired projects and I feel that the sharing of one person's experience may be of help to others similarly engaged. Possibly we might share our experience and build up a useful resource.

In this website I will use Glastonbury UK as a specific example, being aware that what is being defined has a broad and universal application.

 To understand the aspect of Glastonbury that is a centre of spiritual transformation requires an awareness of its various aspects.  These include its spiritual energies, the landscape and town, and the ‘guiding beings’ that can be sensed.   Once these are recognised, we can look at the creative process itself. 

Throughout I use the expression ‘we’ – that is because everything that has been learned here has been through the companionship of colleagues working on various projects.

We are working with a paradox   – spiritual awareness and material practicality and the conflict that arises from attempting to work with this duality.  This is an eternal problem that has been with us for centuries. We believe that today, more than ever, both these aspects of the paradox are essential to the solution of material problems. This is still a minority view, but we hope that, in this website, we may make some contribution to a greater awareness of this phenomenon. 

Below we give our objectives and an outline of the contents.


Is to work with others in developing and promoting awareness of how spiritually inspired community projects can be set up and managed with fluent practical material skills and resources.

We are interested in the Ageless Wisdom and this teaching lies behind all our work.


In this site, we are looking at the creative process and how this may be applied to producing spiritually inspired community projects. For more information see the sections

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‘The Angel’- The guiding presence in the Town – Plus Accessing the Angel

Creating - Applying Spirituality to the creative process - Plus Magic, Harmony. Practice and Problems

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We believe that the concept we are working with is one of universal value and application.

 If you are looking at this site and would like to contribute to developing the concepts and working with these ideas, then please make contact via email below.