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On this site we are endeavouring to set out the broad outlines of how to effectively work with intuitive inspiration and practical material skills and experience.

The inspiration of higher consciousness, or 'spirituality', and the everyday world of the 'material' are sometimes thought of as being incompatible opposites - but they are not - they are vital partners. 

We believe that there is creative enabling process that can be used to help to solve apparently intractable problems. That is using 'Inspired Ideas' coupled with 'Practical Material Skills'. 

This process may be summarised as:

‘Inspired’- There are intuitively inspired individuals who are able to access a higher level of consciousness and come up with answers to apparently insoluble material problems. These people find it difficult to find the resources needed for their work due to their wish to ‘allow their inspiration to flow’ and hence their reluctance to draw up what they may think of as ‘Clunky Plans’.

‘Material Resources’-There is an abundance of resources, but the providers tend to need a clear business plan, with stages to be followed, an anticipated output and a firm delivery date.

‘Enabling’- to obtain these resources, the inspired individuals need the help of a person or group able to work as an enabling and interpreting intermediary. This person, or group of persons, will be completely at home with the concept of divine inspiration and fluent in the material world.  They are able to put the needs of the inspired individual in terms to which the providers of facilities can respond. Having supplied the inspirer with the necessary resources, there is a need for continuing fluency in linking the Inspirer with management skills and resources - this may be from people inhouse or from third party consultants.

The Objects of this site are to:

Explore the Creative Process – particularly when using the Intuition, combined with practical material skills and resources, to solve problems and build sustainable projects. 

Spread awareness of the practical usefulness of the Intuition in addressing material problems. 

Support individuals and projects, working with the three aspects above, and offering services in the areas of ecology, health and education.

Explore the possibilities of setting up a network of individuals and projects interested in the three areas listed above

The contents under the various headings are as follows:

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Projects - current specific projects

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To make progress with our Objects, we need the involvement of many 

    If you are interested in these concepts, and would like to be involved with these objectives,

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