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This is the site of Savaric Whiting Ltd. We are a consulting company, and for the last 30 years, our work has been concentrated upon ‘Intuitively Inspired’ community projects.

Much of our work has been in the town of Glastonbury, UK, and in this site, we give some details of this town. It is an unusual place in that it is both a conventional small market town and a place with a long history of attraction for spiritual pilgrims.

It is widely accepted that there is a universal creative process that might be described as:

  • inspiration
  • development of the idea
  • Accessing the resources needed to realise the idea
  • looking after the emerging project

The first stage,  the initial inspiration,  is usually taken as being an intuitive idea arising spontaneously and of its own volition, from the unconscious of the inspired one.  Authors and poets see this as their ‘muse’,  composers as their source of inspiration, and scientists and creative people as ideas that have ‘sprung into their consciousness’

We believe that it is possible to develop this inspiration process to the point where it may be usefully used in conscious application to a specific project or problem.

Developing the skill in accessing and using this intuitive inspiration is what we explore in this website.

We start by looking at the universal creative process - applicable to every creative venture,

We then explore  what we are calling the 'Intuitive Creative Process' - this is where the inspiring intuition has been consciously accessed,  both with the inital idea and in the ongoing support of the project. 

The key to this conscious initiating process is the ability of those starting a project to be able to access what we are calling the 'Wisdom - that is a ‘wisdom’ only accessible through a ‘higher level of consciousness’, and only reached by using specific practises.

This Wisdom has many names, including the Ageless Wisdom, the Perennial Philosophy and Mysticism. It is held to be the basis of most religions and spiritual paths and has, for millennia, been seen as a valuable source of information.

Many will hold that this ancient concept is not compatible with modern scientific thinking.  

We believe otherwise - and we believe that accessing this wisdom is a skill that can be learned and taught  

Throughout we state the beliefs of the Wisdom, as if they were accredited, established and accepted facts – at one level this is so - but it is not so in a contemporary materialistic mindset.  So, we ask the reader to accept the e statements in this web site as hypotheses - that will be found to be true if approached in the correct manner.

Below is a list of the pages on the site and their supporting draw-down pages -   this provides a useful summary of the contents of the site. There is also a Search facility on the site. The site is scanned frequently so that the search facility is kept up-to-date,  but it may sometimes be 24 hours in arrears.

HOME – this page, 

ABOUT – about us - plus

our Name – Our Objects – using this Site- the Origins of this site, useful Information, Glossary of spiritual terms

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VIRUS - The Coronavirus gives us a unique opportunity to explore our ideas, and their practical relevance, if any, in the context of a Global Epidemic. This is likely to be a very humbling experience !   On this page we post the current entry with previous articles, in date order,  on the drawdown pages. 

CREATING – We start by looking at the the universal creative process - then in the draw-down section look at how this universal process is modified - Inspired Creativity

WISDOM – We move on to giving an outline of the 'Wisdom'

In our drawdown pages we give the following supplementary information on various aspects of the wisdom

InspirationSpirituality – Perennial Philosophy - Mysticism - Living a Spiritual Life - Journey - Teaching - Teachers - Initiation - Transformation - Transmutation - Wise Person

ACCESS – We look at ways in which the Wisdom may be accessed - plus

 Practices – Guidance – Method - Process

ACTION – Drawing up a creative Action Plan based upon the ideas obtained from the Wisdom– plus:

 Abundance  Entropy – Leadership – Balance - Task – Dichotomy  Paradox – HarmonyProblems

MATERIAL – Obtaining the Resources needed to materialise the Action Pla

ENABLING – help available to support of working with intuitive inspiration

CLIENTS – People to whom the Services may be of value - plus

Current Projects - Possible Projects

GLASTONBURY –  some details of this unique town in the UK - an excellent example of what might be called a ‘transformational town’ that is growing and developing towards realising its full potential – plus:

Vision 2003 – Vision 2008 – Purpose – Overlighting energy – Company of Avalon – Pilgrimage – Demography –People – Monastery – Sanctuary – Glastonbury Experience – Healing – Academic – Fragmentation – Unity

We are exploring the idea of setting up a network of individuals and projects interested in these concepts.

If you are interested in being involved, please contact us at the mail below